About Alberto Washington

Alberto Washington is an avid golfer who spent many years competing internationally and holds a Masters Degree in Golf Teaching from San Diego Golf Academy. While growing up in Mexico City, Alberto played a great deal of golf on the weekends with his father. He was drawn to golf because of its high level of difficulty and the attention to detail need to master the sport.

Alberto Washington looks back on his competitive golf career fondly, as it helped him cultivate a number of skills that have translated well into the business world. He continues to enjoy playing golf, and find it to be an excellent opportunity to blend his passion for competition on the course with his work in financial markets and business.

Professional Background

Alberto Washington is an experienced financial services professional and motivated entrepreneur who has applied his extensive financial knowledge to a wide-range of endeavors. With extensive knowledge of corporate strategic and financial investment banking services, Alberto enjoys assisting corporations in financial planning and forecasting, budgeting, evaluating strategic growth initiatives, and analyzing and implementing financial initiatives to drive business plans to completion.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Alberto Washington excelled academically in both finance and engineering. He holds a dual degree with The Wharton School and The School of Engineering and Applied Science. Alberto also holds Master of Science in Engineering, majoring in systems engineering with a focus on financial engineering and operations research.