Different Types of Golf Players

Don’t be a “too many practice swings” guy!

Play It Where It Lies

Throughout my time of playing golf I have seen many types of players and common stereotypes throughout the sport. I have made a mental note of these and am now going to share them. So here are some, of the many, different type of players in golf.

– The Lie Improver. This player is the person who would after finding their ball on the edge of the rough they would proceed to kick it on to the fairway to gain a better lie.

– Mr. Motor Mouth. This is the player that ,when addressing your ball and when you have completed your back swing and are starting the swing, believes it is that at that point in time it is the best time to ask you what the par this hole is? Or what the range of the hole is? Or what you scored last hole?

– Too Many Practice…

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